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Elizabeth Bathory: Countess of Blood

Elizabeth Bathory: Countess of BloodHeavy Metal Historian
Episode 10:

From a wealth of privilege, the killer who would become known as the Countess of Blood, Elizabeth Bathory, would have a dark influence on literature, film, and in the music of heavy metal. But who is Countess Bathory, why is she viewed as the most prolific serial killer, and how did her disturbing actions have such a profound but ghoulish impact on metal?

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Hosted by Greg Davies from Blendover, the Heavy Metal Historian Podcast delivers to you snippets of tales from years gone by in the world of Metal, one episode at a time.



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Documentary / Video Clips

Discovery: Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Countess (Part 1)

Discovery: Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Countess (Part 2)

History: The Lies about Elizabeth Bathory Revealed

ITV: Martina Cole’s Ladykillers – Elizabeth Bathory



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