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The 1992 L.A. Riots and Heavy Metal

The 1992 L.A. Riots and Heavy MetalHeavy Metal Historian
Episode 15:

The protests, rioting, looting, & arson of Ferguson in 2014 has caused many to recall the events of the LA Race Riots from 1992. Metal is frequently influenced by major events, including the mayhem of unrest – and the groups and songs that came after that time were of no exception. We turn back the clock & look at how the LA Riots influenced Metal…

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Metal News Links

ALICE IN CHAINS Vocalist WILLIAM DUVALL Recalls Being Racially Profiled By Police

CHRISTOPHER LEE Releases New Heavy Metal Single ‘Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing’

Cop Who Took Out DIMEBAG’s Killer Says He Is ‘Still In Counseling’ 10 Years After Shooting

Original RAGE Lineup Reunites As REFUGE, Plans Festival Appearances


Prosecutor: AC/DC’s PHIL RUDD Made Death Threat During Phone Call

SAXON Drummer NIGEL GLOCKLER Rushed To Hospital; Remaining UK Dates Postponed

SLAYER Rescues Kitten Before Indianapolis Show

Unsigned Metal Band selling album for $1 trying to go platinum…

VENOM To Release New Album in January



Documentary / News / Video Clips

Brandi Hitt – 20 Years Later Rodney King – (KTLA March 3rd 2011)

LA Riots of 1992: Rodney King Speaks

Los Angeles Riots, 1992 (1)

Rodney King: Can we all just get along?

Rodney King tape on national news



Recommended Listening:

  • Nemesis” by Arch Enemy from the album Doomsday Machine
  • WMA” by Pearl Jam from the album Vs.
  • We had to tear this Mothafucka up” by Ice Cube from the album The Predator
  • Body Count” by Body Count from the album Body Count
  • Civilized” by Rollins Band from the album Weight
  • Killing in the Name” by Rage Against The Machine from the album RATM
  • Objection Overruled” by Accept from the album Objection Overruled
  • Random Acts of Senseless Violence” by Anthrax from the album Stomp 442
  • Aenema” by Tool from the album Aenima
  • Forgotten (Lost Angels)” by Lamb of God from the album Sacrament
  • Cop Killer” by Body Count (originally) from the album Body Count
  • Down the Drain” by Cyclone Temple from the album My Friend Lonely



Music used in the Heavy Metal Historian Intro Theme was performed and written by AGAINST 72 – used with permission
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