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Ed Gein: Through a Dead Skin Mask

Through a Dead Skin Mask: The Ed Gein CaseHeavy Metal Historian
Episode 12:

In one of the most disconcerting cases of all time, we continue to examine the influence that serial killers have had on Metal. From The Ripper and Bathory, we advance into the 20th Century, to now turn to an individual that would have an effect on horror films and heavy metal. We look through the Dead Skin Mask of the serial killer, Ed Gein.

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Hosted by Greg Davies from Blendover, the Heavy Metal Historian Podcast delivers to you snippets of tales from years gone by in the world of Metal, one episode at a time.



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Documentary / Video Clips

A&E Biography: Ed Gein – The Real Leatherface

American Maniac (1981 Documentary)

Ed Gein (2001 Movie)

Ed Gein: The Ghoul of Plainfield (2004 Documentary)

MMV: Short Ed Gein Documentary

Serial Killer Culture – Teaser Trailer



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