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Previous Episodes

58: The Legacy of Nu Metal

57: The Rise of Nu Metal

56: The Origins of Nu Metal

55: Heavy Metal Album Cover Art IV: The Most Iconic Metal Album Covers

54: Heavy Metal Album Cover Art III: Interview with Felipe Machado Franco

53: Heavy Metal Album Cover Art II: Mascots, Presentation, and Controversy

52: Heavy Metal Album Cover Art I: Origins and History

51: The Future of Groove Metal

50: The Rise of Groove Metal

49: The Origins of Groove Metal

48: Lovecraft and Metal

47: More Chronicles of Death Metal

46: The Future of Death Metal

45: The Rise of Death Metal

44: The Origins of Death Metal

43: Controversies and Scapegoats

42: The Future of Doom Metal

41: The Rise of Doom Metal

40: The Origins of Doom Metal

39: Witches and Metal

38: NWOBHM II – The Lost History of the Underground

37: The New Wave of British Heavy Metal

36: Zombies and Metal

35: The Rise of Traditional Heavy Metal

34: Werewolves and Metal

33: Vampires and Metal

32: The Future of Power Metal

31: The Future of Industrial Metal

30: The Rise of Power Metal

29: The Rise of Industrial Metal

28: The Origins of Power Metal

27: The Origins of Industrial

26: The Emergence of Djent

25: The Tape Trading of the Metal Underground

24: Into Crossover Thrash

23: The Future of Progressive Metal

22: More Chronicles of Hardcore

21: The Rise of Progressive Metal

20: The Emergence of Hardcore

19: The Rise of Progressive Rock

18: The Origins and Rise of Punk Rock

17: The Origins of Progressive Music

16: The Spirit of Metal

15: The 1992 L.A. Riots and Heavy Metal

14: The Future of Thrash Metal

13: World War I and Metal

12: Ed Gein – Through a Dead Skin Mask

11: The Rise of Thrash Metal

10: Elizabeth Bathory – Countess of Blood

9: The Origins of Thrash Metal

8: Ebola and Heavy Metal

7: From the Page to the Metal

6: The Rise and Future of Shock Rock

5: The Origins of Shock Rock

4: Jack the Ripper

3: What’s in a Name?

2: Prehistoric Metal

1: Let There Be Metal