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The Heavy Metal Historian Podcast: giving you a snippet of tales from years gone by in the world of Metal, one episode at a time.

  • olivia lee

    What about the history of Swedish melodic metal?

  • FugitiveTXs


  • Ryan Tysinger

    Love the podcast, can’t wait for a black metal arc.

    Thanks for making this, definitely a treat when I see new episodes in my podcast feed

  • Planet of Ice

    Recently started getting into podcasts and stuff like this. Your podcast is on my hotlist to start listening to m/

  • Keith G.

    Just started listening – really enjoy the podcast after a handful of shows!

  • Colin

    Hi Greg,
    During coffee break with a colleague, both of us being h u g e fans of the Podcast, we were thinking how great an episode on the guitar solo would be.
    Then I thought each instrument could have its own episode. A drums episode would be epic; between Lombardo, Prominski, McBrain, Hoglan, Kollias, Adler… holy crap, imagine…

    • cGt2099

      A fantastic idea! I have a HUGE list of ideas for upcoming episodes. All of them will come in due time. And I will add your suggestion to the list!!!!

  • The Abyssal Archivist

    Great podcast that I kind of just discovered! This is the sort of thing I’ve dreamt of doing at some point.