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The Heavy Metal Historian Podcast: giving you a snippet of tales from years gone by in the world of Metal, one episode at a time.

  • olivia lee

    What about the history of Swedish melodic metal?

  • FugitiveTXs


  • Ryan Tysinger

    Love the podcast, can’t wait for a black metal arc.

    Thanks for making this, definitely a treat when I see new episodes in my podcast feed

  • Planet of Ice

    Recently started getting into podcasts and stuff like this. Your podcast is on my hotlist to start listening to m/

  • Keith G.

    Just started listening – really enjoy the podcast after a handful of shows!

  • Colin

    Hi Greg,
    During coffee break with a colleague, both of us being h u g e fans of the Podcast, we were thinking how great an episode on the guitar solo would be.
    Then I thought each instrument could have its own episode. A drums episode would be epic; between Lombardo, Prominski, McBrain, Hoglan, Kollias, Adler… holy crap, imagine…

    • cGt2099

      A fantastic idea! I have a HUGE list of ideas for upcoming episodes. All of them will come in due time. And I will add your suggestion to the list!!!!

  • The Abyssal Archivist

    Great podcast that I kind of just discovered! This is the sort of thing I’ve dreamt of doing at some point.

  • JP Lucas

    an incredible podcast! as a 30+ year-old dad of a beautiful new daughter this is exactly what i needed to get up to speed on metal so i can pass it along to her one day. i truly hope more episodes are on the way.
    one idea for an episode: the metal growly voice. where the heck did that come from? how and when did metal become synonymous with guttural, unintelligible vocal grunts and growls?

    anyhow, awesome work. can’t wait for more.

  • Fritz Smith

    I just started listening to this podcast and it is amazing. Will it return or continue?

    • cGt2099

      More episodes are coming