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Zombies and Metal

Zombies and MetalHeavy Metal Historian
Episode 36:

We return to looking into Horror Folklore and examine how the concept of zombies has influenced metal, and recognize some of the quintessential metal songs exploring the idea of a zombie apocalypse. After looking at the mythos of Vampires and Werewolves, we now turn our attention to Zombies and Heavy Metal.

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Hosted by Greg Davies from Blendover, the Heavy Metal Historian Podcast delivers to you snippets of tales from years gone by in the world of Metal, one episode at a time.



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Clip Sources

News of the Living Dead

Real Life Zombies: True Horror

Re-Animator Trailer

Star Wars Meets Metal

The Serpent and the Rainbow Trailer

The Walking Dead Theme

White Zombie Trailer

Zombies: A Living History



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